Award-winning violinist Tim Kliphuis (NL) is one of the world's top improvising violinists, a popular tutor and author of a best-selling jazz violin book. A legend in the gypsy jazz scene, his boundary-crossing approach to music has taken him into the classical and folk worlds. Kliphuis gives workshops and masterclasses worldwide at a growing number of festivals, summer schools, conservatoires and competitions.
The art of improvisation is not a new phenomenon in the classical world; it played a major role in all of music history but was nearly lost in the 20th century. This workshop combines Tim's experiences with the fiery European gypsies and a master's degree in classical violin, to bring back the excitement of improvisation to new generations of musicians.

In a group of up to 20 classical players, Tim takes away the fear of improvisation and experimentation and develops the ears, a rhythmic feel and basic harmonic knowledge. Participants learn to groove and syncopate and to create melody and counterpoint, giving them a direct practical insight into how music works. This organic approach extends to the use of their instrument, making them freer on the stage.

“The art of improvisation” has been successfully held in many parts of the world, including:

- Berklee College of Music, Boston
- Conservatoires of Zürich, Gent, Grahamstown, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg
- Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Johannesburg Music Initiative
- Summer schools in Minnesota, Massachusetts
- Gypsy Jazz festivals in America, UK, Japan
- ESTA conferences in Bruges and Middelburg
- Oskar Back and Van Wely Dutch national violin competitions

“Fabulous and tremendously informative”
- Matt Glaser, String chair, Berklee College of Music

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Tim Kliphuis is one of the world’s top improvising violinists with a unique and popular style, blending classical, gypsy jazz and folk music. He has shared the stage with Richard Galliano, The Rosenberg Trio, Frankie Gavin and Les Paul. Tim has a busy international schedule and is an in-demand educator at festivals, competitions and schools worldwide. He has written the bestselling book “Gypsy Jazz Violin”, holds the Jazz violin chair at Tilburg Conservatoire and hosts the annual international Grappelli-Django Camp in Holland every August.

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